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The Caribbean VIP Discount Club (CVDClub) Executive Team would like to thank you for submitting your merchant membership application.

Our membership team will review your application and you will receive a response within the next 72 hours.

Please note that our Lifetime Membership Merchant Account is a privilege we extend to those we feel will add to the prestige and standards of our Company.

We anticipate that you application will meet those standards and your company becoming one of our elite merchants.

Thanks for your application; we are looking forward to welcoming you onboard.



CVDClub Membership Team

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One Year Membership Plan

CVDClub Is Your Premier Caribbean VIP Discount Club.  Membership Has Its Benefits!  

Price: $49.95
Affiliate Membership
Duration: Lifetime
Price: Free





CVDClub One Year Membership - Hard Copy

$49.95Why Spend Full Price, When You Can Save by Using Your CVDClub Discount Card! A Dollar Saved, Is A Dollar Earned

  • Caribbean VIP Discount Card
  • Weekly Special Discount Blog
  • Discount at Hotels
  • Discount at Restaurants
  • Discount at Tour & Attractions
  • Discount on Transportation
  • Discount at Spas & Beauty Products
  • Special Grocery Discounts
  • Over 50 Special Discounts