Poetry From The Rose of Sharon

Time Square Plaza, Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica
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‘Poetry from the Rose of Sharon – Divine Thoughts and Inspirations for Living Well’ is an inspirational book for the ‘spiritual thinker’ or ‘spiritual seeker’. Thought provoking words compiled and exudes ‘positive vibrations’. Experiences beautifully shared, beckons you to look deeply within to connect to your Divine Self. This is not a regular run of the mill book, it is a nutritious package of vitamins for every mind, body and soul. The author has tapped into the source of all life and has borne fruits of delightful wisdom. Pick it up and enjoy to your heart’s delight...


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Temple of Inner Peace

Poetry from the Rose of Sharon is an inspired book of poetry, affirmations, prayers and quotations that uplift the human spirit. It chronicles the development of the author who finds her voice and purpose as a Poet. Read Poetry from the Rose of Sharon and increase your vibrations of peace, love and happiness.
Time Square Plaza, Negril, Westmoreland, Jamaica

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