Yaaman Adventure Park

Ocho Rios, Jamaica
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Yaaman Adventure Parks

Yaaman Adventure Park is a Jamaican agricultural property full of rich historic sceneries. Thanks to the ideal Jamaica weather you can see bananas, cassava, sugarcane, coffee, allspice and many other crops homegrown within these lands! The island is known for its one of a kind Jamaica resorts, its beaches and delicious food. But you cannot say you've visited the island unless you have ventured out of your Jamaica all inclusive resort. We invite you to escape your all inclusive resorts and get front row seat to see our wonderful mother nature and all that it has to offer. Yaaman Adventure Park offers a variety of things to do in Jamaica, not including the gorgeous Jamaican beaches or its friendly people.

Before Jamaica tourism, the island's main industry of sustainability was and still is agriculture. Other crucial pieces of colorful history of the state and how it all came together are some of the mind blowing stories that will be provided to you from your certified local guide.

With many things to do, Yaaman Adventure Park will expose you to the magnificent White River Gorge. Sir Harold Mitchell built a spectacular view of Jamaica’s first hydroelectric power station here. The Great House at Prospect, built in the early 18th century. It is fortified with loopholes against raids by privateers and buccaneers.

Indulge yourself in nature and ride our tractor drawn open-air carriage through the gorgeous Prospect Estate with a bird's eye view of the magnificent White river George. Be witness to the 1000 acres of lush forestry and local crops, including: bananas, cassava, sugarcane, coffee, pimento allspice and many other indigenous yields within these lands! Enjoy a friendly interaction in our Camel Trekking Safari Experience. Be amazed at how friendly, affectionate and cuddly these gentle giants are as they take you through the Trek trail and the wooded forest. Prepare to fasten your seatbelt and get ready to explore 1000 acres of adrenaline filled, pure, off roading excitement on your very own mud buggy ride! Hop on a Segway while observing our beautiful medicinal plants and sampling luscious homegrown fruits. Continue with our Symbolic host "Chef Irie" will guide you through the preparations of your "First Jamaican Fare" as you learn to Cook Jamaican Jerk. Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Steamed Callaloo, Festival Rolls, Shrimp in Coconut Sauce, Pumpkin Rice, & more! You can also have the opportunity to live the dream of being a dolphin's best friend and spending some time with them in this swim with dolphins program! Enjoy an amazing encounter as you enter the world of these gentle dolphins. They will give you a kiss, hug, handshake and allow you to caress them while standing in knee deep water. This is a young family favourite as it gives the little ones a chance to interact with one of the world’s most beautiful creatures!

This park offers you a combination of adventure but also education and relaxation, guaranteeing a memorable time for all of our guest.

So next time you find yourself in Jamaica don't forget to visit Yaaman Adventure Park where you will find all the fun things to do in one park!

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

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