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Travel & Tourism Services
Travel & Tourism products and services
Hotels & Villas
Discount on Hotels, Villas and Hostels
Meetings Space
Find meeting and event spaces for rental and lease
Dining Facilities
Get special discounts at the following restaurants and dining facilities
Event Planners
Click to find catering services, chefs, and event planners.
Veggie Menus
Here is a list of vegetarian restaurants and those with Vegetarian Choices
Cakes & Breads
Here is a list of Caribbean own patties and pastries companies accepting our VIP Discount Card
Healthy Lifestyle
Find a list of places that serve natural juices
Veggie & Traditional
Click to find a list of Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw Food and traditional dishes cooking training experts.
Click to find Honey and Honey bi-products at discounted rates
Spa & Wellness Venues
Get special discounts at the following spas and wellness centers
Special Membership Price on spa and beauty products and services
Tours and Attractions
Find discounted tours and attractions
Health & Wellness
Visit our health and wellness partners facilities, services and products
Here is a list of retail stores and Shopping Centers that accepts our discount card
Find a list of gyms and fitness instructors at discounted rate
Here is a list of coaches, speakers, lecturers and presenters
Everything you need for your wedding at special discounted rate
Why pay full price, buy from our fashion partners at special rate
Rentals & Mechanic
Here is a list of transportation companies, car rental services, mechanics and auto parts companies accepting our Discount Card
Domestic Services
List of domestic flights for now. We will be expanding to international flights very soon.
Trust our social media experts to manage your social medial marketing and promotions at special discounted rate
PR & Articles
Click to find the following services, Media, Advertisement, Public Relations, Press Releases , Grant Writing Services and more.
Music & Audio
Click to find recording studios locally, regionally and internationally owned by Caribbean Nationals or their descendants.
Corporate & Events
Click to find photographers and video companies for weddings, commercials, documentaries and special events.
Homes & Lands
Get special discount on homes and land for sale
Why spend full price when you can purchase your AC at our special discount rate?
Excellent Price
This is what we call double savings. You save on your light bills by using LED Bulbs and you get an instant discount by using our discount card to purchase your Solar System.
Nature Electriicity
Double Savings. Purchase your next water heater at our discounted rate, and save by using Solar to generate your hot water supply
Energy Efficient
This is what we call double savings. You save on your light bills by using LED Bulbs and you get an instant discount by using our discount card to purchase the bulbs.
Custom & Shipping
Find custom brokers and logistic services providers who accepts the CVDClub Discount Card
Click to find Arts and Crafts makers and distributors at discount rates
Fiction & Non Fiction
Purchase our books at discount rate by using your Caribbean VIP Discount Card
Phone & Computer Repairs
Click to find Computer and phone repair service providers
Get special discount at the following printing and graphic facilities
Website Designs
Website Design, Web Hosting, Web Security, eCommerce and Website Maintenance at special discount rate.
Immigration Services
Company Registration. Work Permit & Immigration Services

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